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In yoga therapy sessions, I treat the path to wholeness like an ongoing homecoming.  Gradually and with deep compassion, I help you release what no longer serves you and come home to what does.


Through guided questions, meditation and other support, we begin moment-by-moment and breath-by-breath.  We listen to your body as it opens up the way home.  We move toward yoga postures that are gentle, supportive and adapted to you.  Each session is unique, but they have a common root: when you practice yoga as therapy, you are not “doing” yoga but instead receiving yoga.  These sessions are offered in-person or digitally over a Zoom call.

Investment: $125

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes



In 1 on 1 meditation sessions, I support you on your path to wholeness.  With deep compassion, I empower you to build a custom meditation practice that is uniquely your own. 

Through a variety of meditation techniques that are customized to suit your needs, we tune in to the moment, as it is, without judgment and bring a deep awareness to thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and surroundings, right where we are.


Meditation invites us to let life be our teacher. When we meet life as it is, we begin to live in greater harmony with ourselves and those around us.  We align with our most authentic self and experience a greater sense of ease in our minds and bodies.


This allows us to access our internal resources which increases our sense of well being.  These sessions are offered in-person or digitally over a Zoom call.

Duration: 1 hour

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