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I have learned so much in all the sessions of Mid-Day Mindfulness Meditation that I have taken. It has been so helpful to gain practice with the techniques of mindful breathing that Kathy presents. I am gaining an understanding of the impact of making space between what I am thinking and how I choose to react has been extremely beneficial as well. I recommend the class to all my friends!
Stephanie G., Meditation
I am fortunate enough to have Kathy Julien as my Chair Yoga instructor. She knows the body inside and out. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but the kindest person I’ve ever known. We concentrate on a different area of the body each week. When class is over, I’m so relaxed in both mind and body that I don’t want to leave my chair.
Vineta E., Chair Yoga Class
Kathy’s chair yoga class is a combination of body work and mindfulness that I find very important to my well being. The stretching, joint movement, core strengthening and balance work make me feel energized and stronger. The relaxation and meditation practice reinforces my peacefulness and reduces stress. The practice is something I look forward to every week.
Leslie D., Chair Yoga Class
I had my first experience with meditation in a class with Kathy. I found her and her methods to
be welcoming and affirming. I have encouraged friends to join me the next time I attend.
Kathryn D., Meditation
I've attended chair yoga classes and one-on-one sessions with Kathy.  She has a calming presence, explains the movement and its benefits, & provides modifications, if needed.  She tailors our individual sessions to meet my needs, capabilities, and medical restrictions.  Our sessions have been an integral role in easing my arthritis pain and providing more range of movement.  After classes or sessions, I always feel at peace, relaxed and sleep soundly.  She has also guided me in intention setting, meditation, listening to my body, and self-love/care.  I highly recommend Kathy's services, as she's made a significant impact on my well-being.
Stacey M., Chair Yoga and Yoga Therapy


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